How to be a mentor for younger genarations Y,Z

How to be a mentor for younger genarations Y,Z?

  1. The impact of market generaton change and it’s influence for team membership.
  2. How to adapt to the gap generation and create positive commonwealth environment?
  3. How to built organisational culture with a positive atmosphere?
  4. How can I become a mentor for my people?
  5. Why „old school” techniques are not working any more in the modern world ?
  6. „Language clarity” – the impact of communication aspect on people  behaviour
  7. How to stregthen poeple’s talents and positive skills ?

Form of training: closed 
duration: 1 day/ 8 hours
place: Green Business Center or to be agreed
language of training: English

phone: 796-794-460

Detailed information sent at the customer's request